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Kealy Connor Lonning was raised in a small NE Iowa town, by amazing, loving parents, surrounded by relatives. She and her two younger sisters, had an awesome childhood! Their life was rich in literacy, learning, and fun. Kealy’s compassionate parents helped the disadvantaged, defended the oppressed, and celebrated diversity. They shared with their daughters, their love of books, history, genealogy, art, music, dance, travel, and sports.

Kealy has always loved to read, write, draw, and create. In first grade, she read the thick book that her grandpa wrote, and she read the entire newspaper! As a young girl, Kealy loved to read non-fiction books, biographies about women, and encyclopedias. She kept a diary, journals about family trips, and wrote poetry. As a teen, Kealy liked sports, cheerleading, art, friends, dancing, and the library. Kealy continued reading, researching, and writing through the years.

Kealy got her BA in Elementary/Early Childhood Education at the University of Northern Iowa. She married her hometown friend/classmate, Greg. Kealy got her MA in Education/Reading at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse. Kealy and Greg lived in Wisconsin and Iowa, raising their six children! They encourage each of them, to pursue their passions. Kealy and Greg have attended hundreds of their kids’ events, as proud parents. Kealy was a teacher for 32 years, and shared her love for children’s books, and for learning, with her students.

In 2015, Kealy and her superman husband, moved with four of their six kids, from Iowa to New Jersey, near New York City, so their boy/girl twins, could chase their dreams. Their oldest son was grown, and their older daughter was in college. Kealy and Greg knew their two adopted, biracial girls, would benefit from the diversity in NJ.

Kealy reached a 30 year dream of becoming an author, when her first children’s book was published in December 2018! Her beautiful books are heartfelt, inspirational, rhyming stories, that celebrate the wonders of childhood. They encourage kids to be kind, grateful, brave, strong, happy, and to follow their dreams! Kealy’s writing is inspired by her six children. ❤

With two girls still at home, Kealy and Greg continue to raise them. They give phone pep talks to their big kids, as they share their gifts with the world. Kealy is reachable 24/7 for all six kids! She and Greg love to get all of them together, but they wish it was more often. They also love visiting family in Iowa. 😍

Are you curious to know who has inspired Kealy for her books? Follow her and her family through the years!

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